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smart home installation

Each of our smart home installations is as unique as the client. We will work with you to achieve your vision, to the very highest technical standards. We give you advice and information to help you decide what you need. And we can work closely with architects, consultants and interior designers to deliver what’s right for your project. We invest time and effort to make sure we offer the very latest technologies. And while we only work with the highest quality suppliers, we are totally independent. We are not tied on any technology provider.


Discover smart home systems, grow up your career by adding more skills or start your own business. You will be able to design smart home system starting from getting client requirements, devices selection till making wiring plan and start installation
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home automation

Different technologies and systems are integrated together (KNX, Modbus, BACnet, Z-wave). One system can automatically control another without you explicitly having to request every action.

lighting design / control

Remotely control all of your lighting from a single screen, wherever you are. Create different lighting scenes to quickly select mood lighting for a room.

HVAC control

Remote access through smart thermostats, which means you can adjust the perfect temperature prior arrival. Remote control of boiler rooms is also possible.

audio / video control

Audio / Video control through TCP IP, RS232, IR with full 2-way communication. Creation of unique drivers to control any equipment.

CCTV / security

Security system customization: communicate with other parts of home automation (light activation routines, flood detection, screen notifications). Keep an eye on your property wherever you are in the world.

Video interphone

Integration of access control systems that allow you to see who’s at your door or gate with a video link to your smart phone, before you decide whether or not you wish to remotely open the gates for them.

training program

1ˢᵗ week

smart home design basics

  • single line diagram symbols
  • single line diagram software
  • title page creation
  • plot frame creation
  • symbol creation
  • cross reference with grid location

2ⁿᵈ week

lighting control system

  • KNX bus devices
  • KNX communication
  • programming in ETS5
  • ETS5 Diagnostics
  • KNX installation & topology
  • "On/Off" lights control
  • dimmable lights control

3ʳᵈ week

HVAC control system

  • Modbus TCP/IP communication architecture
  • modbus register mapping
  • Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
  • ladder diagram (LD)
  • structured text (ST)
  • pump and valve control
  • Temperature Controlled Fan Speed

4ᵗʰ week

custom IoT applications

  • Arduino Uno board
  • Arduino IDE software
  • circuit design
  • Analog inputs
  • Analog outputs
  • humidity measurement
  • Irrigation system design

Our smart home training prepares professionals to master the installation, configuration, and programming skills required to design, install, and service a home automation system. Smart home design is a growing trend, and it also presents opportunities for career advancement and business growth in the residential technology space. This training will enable you to expand your knowledge and expertise. Our smart home training is offered at a personalized level to give you the right amount of knowledge needed to create a competitive advantage and happy customers.
The duration of one lecture is two hours. Half hour for theoretical introduction and hour and a half for practical assignment. We developed specially designed training benches for each assignment. With four lectures in one week dedicated to specific technology area, students have sufficient time to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge. Contact us for more information.


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